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  Welcome to Elite Collection Services, Inc. A national attorney-based commercial debt collection agency specializing in collecting judgments and delinquent accounts receivable on a contingency fee basis.  

Over 30 Years Experience
  The principals of our firm have over 30 years experience in the management and recovery of past due accounts. The skill of our collection staff and in-house law office of attorneys and paralegals is unparalleled in collecting money from your debtors. As a team, we have the strongest system of debt collection service anywhere in the United States.  

Skilled Collection Staff
  Successful debt collection skills are acquired only through years of direct experience in persuading hardened debtors into paying a debt. Unlike collection agencies that hire trainees, we employ only seasoned professionals with at least 10 years of successful debt collection experience. On average, our staff of collectors and paralegals have been working in this industry from 15 to 30 years.  

Advanced Search & Skiptrace Abilities

Whereas collection agencies only use the debtor contact information you provide to them, our firm fully investigates your claim assignment to determine the full legal names of all parties liable for your debt, including all business and residential addresses, telephone numbers, social security numbers, etc. We frequently develop and locate additional persons responsible for the debt owed to you that you may be completely unaware of (such as a silent business partner, or the spouse of a debtor, etc.). We then locate attachable assets such as bank accounts, real property and other businesses owned by your debtor.


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