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Q: What is the function of Elite Collection Services and your in-house law firm?

A: Elite Collection Services is a receivable management company whose principals have over 30 years experience in the management and recovery of past due accounts. Our in-house law office is a commercial/consumer collection law firm with unparalleled skill in the collection of your money.  As a team we have the strongest system of commercial/consumer collection and customer service in the entire United States.

Q: Why should we use a Collection Attorney to help us recover our past due accounts, instead of a collection agency?

A: It has been proven time and time again that an attorney has more clout with the debtor and therefore more success in the recovery of money. Ask yourself, if you were a debtor would you pay more attention to a law firm or a collection agency?

Q: If my claim is pursued by Elite Collection Services for collection will I lose my customer?

A: We realize your desire to maintain a profitable business relationship with your customer. You also have indicated a critical need to be paid. We can tailor our collection effort to your requirements.

Q: I realize the value of retaining a collection attorney, but does our budget allow for an attorney fee in our collection process?

A: You will be delighted to hear that our recovery is much higher than agencies not using a lawyer in the process. Our intensive attorney program is much faster; our volume is larger; therefore our charges are always competitive and most of the time lower than your other choices.

Q: If I am paid by the debtor after I assign the claim to Elite Collection Services for collection do I owe a fee?

A: Yes, we encourage your debtor to pay you direct to assist with your cash flow. You will be billed by our company for our low fee.

Q: If the debtor pays collection costs do you keep them as most others do?

A: No. Although we cannot guarantee that collection costs will be recovered, we of course include these costs in our demand, and when recovered they are treated as an additional recovery subject to our low fees.

Q: Are you able to help us with our out of state claims?

A: Elite Collection Services' large staff of lawyers and paralegals can of course help you with all of your problem accounts regardless of their geographical location. We are associated with affiliates in every state and many foreign countries.


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